Gene Therapy 2.0: 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2017

Scientists have solved fundamental problems that were holding back cures for rare hereditary disorders. Next we’ll see if the same approach can take on cancer, heart disease, and other common illnesses. [Read More]

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Then they learned about an experimental gene therapy at Boston Children’s Hospital.
Gene Therapy 2.0 Breakthrough First gene therapies on track for approval in the U.S. More are on the way.
Key Players – Spark Therapeutics- BioMarin- BlueBird Bio- GenSight Biologics- UniQureAvailability NowResearchers have been chasing the dream of gene therapy for decades.
Harvard geneticist George Church has said that someday, everyone may be able to take gene therapy to combat the effects of aging.
Nonetheless, for Kala and Philip Looks, the success of gene therapy is already real.

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The cure for rare hereditary disorders, cancers and heart diseases: Gene Therapy 2.0. #Healthcare #Trend

Source: Mit Technology Review