Who'll Be the First to Meld With the Machines? Diabetics

Five years ago, the feds would never let a computer deliver a drug that could kill you. Then they approved the artificial pancreas. [Read More]

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Geri is one of the first people in the country to get the MiniMed 670G, the first bionic pancreas to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.
“I can’t wait until I get mine.”Caroline and the rest of America's type 1 diabetics don’t have much longer to wait.
The MiniMed 670G gets most of the way there, thanks to sophisticated algorithms and a reworked sensor with more surface area for increased glucose sensitivity.
Which is why diabetics have to tell their pumps ahead of time how many carbs they’re going to be eating.
Which is why members of the DIY artificial pancreas community aren’t hopping on the MiniMed 670G train just yet.

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The first #Cyborgs will be… surprise, surprise: “diabetics”! #Healthcare #Trend

Source: Wired