Microsoft’s Latest Workplace Tech Demos Creep Me Out

If you’re an employee under the heel of a giant corporation you should probably be terrified by the vision of the future of connected gadgets that Microsoft just revealed at its Build developer conference here in Seattle. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

Microsoft’s demo purposely focused on a construction worksite, where accidents are too common, and a smart #AI overseer sort of makes sense.
It focused on Cortana, and how it could now be everywhere, instead of just lashed to your laptop or phone.
The demo shows a woman chatting with a Cortana-powered Invoke speaker in a set intended to represent her home.
These demos illustrate the trade-offs inherent in a world in which we use more and more connected gadgets.
Those are its primary clients, and it’s very much who Microsoft spent the majority of today’s keynote speaking to.

Opinion… * Man-Made

In the near future, security inspections will be performed by #SmartMachines in realtime. #AI #Cognitive #Trend

Source: Gizmodo