Your Camera Wants to Kill the Keyboard

We’re interacting with our computers in more natural and emotive ways, which could mean using your camera more and your keyboard a lot less. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

And for the most part, it didn't involve typing into a search box.
Snapping a photo works as well, if not better, than writing a descriptive sentence in a search box.
Ask the people who build your technology, and they’ll tell you: The camera is the new keyboard.
Meanwhile, Google took a decidedly more utilitarian approach with Lens, turning the camera into an input device much like the keyboard itself.
It'll probably still be a while before the keyboard goes extinct, but with every shot you take on your camera, it's getting one step closer.

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The camera is the new keyboard: the march toward more visual forms of communication. #Technology #Trend

Source: Wired