London City Airport Integrating AR for Air Traffic Control

A 50-metre control tower fitted with HD cameras is being built. [Read More]

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One of the latest is in air traffic control, with London City Airport in the process of building a 50-metre tower packed with HD cameras to monitor the airport while they work at a separate location.
Rather than the traditional onsite tower with controllers being able to look out across the airport, a new digital control room at Nats, the UK’s national air traffic control service, will feed video from 14 cameras at London City Airport 80 miles away, reports The Guardian.
#AR comes into play as data that’s normally found on several other screens can then be overlaid at the flick of a switch, displaying flight and radar data.
The system can also detect non-authorised traffic, like a drone, zoom in on it and track it.
The UK isn’t the only country that’s been trialing the technology, Ireland, the US and Australia have all got similar projects underway.

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Augmented Reality is starting to deliver on the promise of becoming a real game-changer. #AR #Trend

Source: Vrfocus