Waltzing robot teaches beginners how to dance like a pro

A robotic dance teacher can gently guide human novices through routines while adapting to their skill level [Read More]

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Not to worry – you might soon be gliding through the moves, thanks to a robotic instructor designed to teach humans how to dance.
As they progress, the robot gradually reduces the force used to lead them so they become less reliant on its guidance.
With another group, the robot was not programmed to adapt to students’ progress and four out of six showed no improvement.
Wider applicationsEnabling robots to teach humans through physical interaction could have applications beyond dancing, says Paez Granados, from physical rehabilitation to sports training.
Understanding more free-form physical interaction between humans and machines could be important for many applications, including the handover of controls between human drivers and autonomous cars, he adds.

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Source: Newscientist