Why Soul Machines made an AI baby

At Soul Machines, a company that uses artificial intelligence to create lifelike avatars that respond to human emotion, a fair amount of their work could be considered unsettling to the average person who fears the coming takeover by our #AI-robot overlords. [Read More]

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Instead, he says, when the baby begins to whimper or cry, some respond in human ways, demonstrating what appears to be sympathy similar to the kind they may lavish on a human baby.
Within the coming year to 18 months, Soul Machines plans to open a platform for people to create their own avatars, like a more realistic Bitmoji.
Potential applications of its tech are numerous, but Soul Machines decided to create an #AI baby because babies are natural “learning machines” and as a way to explore the field of social learning, because the company wants to train #AI the same way humans raise children.
So should a Soul Machines avatar be in a store window or kiosk, it might look you in the eye.
With biometrics, Soul Machines can remember faces and use #AI to determine the best response based on previous interactions.

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The first baby steps creating avatars that mimic tone, style and the words of (dead) people. #Mankind #AI #Trend

Source: Venturebeat