With new realities to build, Unity positioned to become tech giant

There are few verticals filled with more utopian dreams than the studios and startups building #VR and #AR experiences. While some are looking to craft 3D experiences that integrate into the real world, others are aiming to create massive worlds we can escape to. The one thing many of them have in co… [Read More]

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The one thing many of them have in common, however, is that they are built on a game engine from a company called #Unity.
#Unity Technologies, which builds tools for developers crafting 3D content across multiple platforms, has been having a pretty solid year.
“We call it a game engine, but really it’s an animation/interactive/lighting/physics/presence engine,” #Unity CEO John Riccitiello told TechCrunch.
“Nobody that worked at #Unity five or 10 years ago thought that we were going to be perfectly positioned for #VR,” said Riccitiello.
Facebook just introduced its augmented reality platform at its most recent F8 developer conference and also owns Oculus, which makes high-end #VR headsets.

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Is #Unity going to be the development platform in the Mixed Reality world? #VR #AR #Trend

Source: Techcrunch