AR app means hands-on help is just a video call away

The Project Chalk app starts with video chat but lets you make notes on your screen that the recipient sees on an object itself through augmented reality. [Read More]

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The company on Wednesday demonstrated a new Vuforia-based app called Project Chalk that lets you interact with others through video calling.
The idea of #AR with Project Chalk is that the annotations are aware of your movement.
Project Chalk is the first Vuforia-based app specifically for consumers, but PTC is opening up the project's capabilities to other developers, as well.
He called me using the Project Chalk app to help me set the timer on the machine.
For now, Project Chalk relies on another person to help identify objects and annotate them.

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A support app that lets you make notes on your live video through Augmented Reality. #AR #Trend

Source: Cnet