Five Reasons Your Boss Was Right To Shut Down Your Innovation Lab

#Innovation labs are all the rage these days. Most companies have one or are thinking about creating one. But several companies are also quietly shutting down their innovation labs. It turns out that corporate leadership may be right to shut down some of these labs. This article presents five reasons why. [Read More]

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To name a few examples from last month (August 2016); Paypal launched a fintech innovation lab in Singapore; NCR launched an innovation lab in Georgia, USA; event company LiveBuzz launched an innovation lab; and Dell Services launched an innovation lab for SAP HANA.
But when I have drilled down into the work the so-called innovation labs were actually doing day-to-day, I have discovered that it is actually the innovation managers that "don’t get innovation" It turns out your boss was right to shut down your lab and here are five reasons why:1.
It Wasn’t Really An #Innovation LabMost people working innovation labs tend to conflate innovation with creativity.
Letting ‘a thousand flowers bloom’ is not good for your garden, and it's definitely not good for an innovation lab.
If you find yourself fumbling around for an answer to these questions, then your boss was right to shut down your innovation lab.

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What are the ingredients you need to avoid in your #Innovation lab. #Trend

Source: Forbes