This Machine Just Started Sucking CO2 Out Of The Air To Save Us From Climate Change

Climeworks carbon capture device will take the gas from the air and sell it or store it in the ground. Now we just need a few hundred thousand more–as quickly as possible. [Read More]

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Sitting on top of a waste incineration facility near Zurich, a new carbon capture plant is now sucking CO2 out of the air to sell to its first customer.
Small fans pull air into the collectors, where a sponge-like filter soaks up carbon dioxide.
Still, to have the impact needed, the CO2 capture plants would need to be built at a massive scale.
He also says it’s critical that people don’t get the wrong idea about the potential–the possibility of carbon capture isn’t a license to pollute more now.
A lot of technologies ought to be explored.” “Air capture costs money, so anything we can do which is cheaper than air capture, we should do it, definitely,” says Wurzbacher.

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This device can take CO2 gas from the air, and sell it or store it in the ground. #Mankind #Pollution #Trend

Source: Fast Company