DIY Augmented Reality Headset Wants To Do What Google Cardboard Did For VR

A new Kickstarter campaign wants to make augmented reality headsets accessible to the masses. Just add cardboard! [Read More]

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ShareNow a new Kickstarter campaign by the startup Aryzon wants to do for augmented reality (#AR) what Cardboard did for VR.
Thanks to a set of lenses, cardboard, and a smartphone camera, its headset is able to place virtual content projected from users’ smartphone screens within their own environment.
The result promises to provide stunning #AR for quite literally 1 percent the cost of the $3,000 Microsoft #Hololens.
“What makes this exciting is that it allows everyone to experience augmented reality,” Maarten Slaa, founder and CEO of Aryzon, told Digital Trends.
“The Aryzon comes with a free app that functions as an introduction to #AR, and allows you to view and interact with your own 3D models,” Slaa said.

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What if there was a 30$ alternative #AR headset for the 3000$ Microsoft #Hololens. #Trend

Source: Digital Trends