Chatbot Design Canvas

The answer to this question will depend on who you ask. My take on it is that, chatbots encompass a wide variety of conversational computer programs. And for the same reason it is difficult to figure… [Read More]

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#Chatbot Design CanvasWhat is a #Chatbot and How to Build OneWhat is a chatbot?
#Chatbot Design Canvas is a tool that can used for high-level design of a chatbot.
Third party servicesThere are a lot of third party services that are available that already do what chatbots need to do in a modular fashion.
These platform are becoming more sophisticated allowing chatbot users to talk to liveagents, connect to third party information services through webhooks, etc.
These in turn should guide conversational tasks design as discussed above.

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A chatbot model canvas that can used for the high-level design of your #Chatbot project. #AI #Trend

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