Inside the SPIDER facility, preparing for nuclear fusion tests

Due for completion next year, the SPIDER facility in Italy will fine-tune the heating source for ITER, the world's first experimental fusion reactor [Read More]

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It will serve up streams of atoms and ions to make the energy of the sun right here on Earth through nuclear fusion.
Called SPIDER and due for completion next year, this facility in Padua, Italy, will help fine-tune what will become the key heating source for ITER, the world’s first experimental fusion reactor.
SPIDER will test how beams of deuterium atoms behave in a smaller, experimental reaction chamber, how much heat they generate and how to control the temperature within the reactor.
The brown panels resembling a sauna, in the picture below, are tiles for soaking up surplus energy from the beams.
If all goes to plan, ITER will use this technology to produce a lot of energy.

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Another experiment to try and make the #Energy of the sun, right here on Earth… through #Nuclear #Fusion. #Trend

Source: Newscientist