Is the "augmented customer" the true future of tech?

Research firm Ovum sees tech growth coming from the emerging "Augmented Customer" — an interconnectedness between customers, retailers, and technology. [Read More]

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“It starts with evaluating their business models and meeting changing customer expectations.
Changing customers, changing business modelsInherent with these technologies is significant changes in the relationship between service providers, vendors, and customers as a consequence of changing customer habits and business models.
The challenge of meeting the demands of the augmented customer will lead to a growing concentration of power into a handful of global consumer technology firms.
Some of the challenges of future tech in a changing consumer landscape will extend to the ethics and laws underpinning the technological innovations.
It’s foreseeable that the augmented customer will face considerable challenges, and it’s only good planning and practice that will resolve them.

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In the next #Innovation cycle, customers will move away from #mobile to immersive, personalized experiences. #Trend

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