Rise of the robot

Rise of the robot A four-part look at how robots are changing the way we work. First up, robots aren’t killing jobs, they’re creating new ones and more of them — at least at a GE Aviation plant in Quebec By Drew Hasselback in Bromont, Que. [Read More]

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About 180 robots here are doing work that humans used to do at a GE Aviation plant that makes parts for jet engines.
GE Aviation says robots are responsible for a 25-per-cent increase in output over those years.
Employment at the Bromont plant has risen because the company is making and selling more jet engine parts.
But subject to business cycles, the Mowat Centre study found that Ontario’s higher productivity jobs remained in place.
In the future, a worker won’t necessarily need to be an engineer or know computer code to be able to program a robot.

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The typical plant worker of the future: a technology-loving, efficiency-driven employee. #Robots #Trend

Source: Financial Post