When robots will start taking over human tasks

A survey of #AI researchers tallied predictions for when machines will start beating humans at everything from LEGO assembly to essay-writing. [Read More]

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Or a set of human hands performing a delicate surgery by 2053.
Skye Gould/Business Insider The study relied on survey responses of 352 #AI researchers who gave their opinions on when in the future machines would replace humans for various tasks.
Language translation could outpace human performance by 2024, responses indicated, and robots may be able to write better high-school-level essays than humans in 2026.
Ultimately, the researchers found #AI could automate all human tasks by the year 2051 and all human jobs by 2136.
"Advances in artificial intelligence … will transform modern life by reshaping transportation, health, science, finance, and the military," the researchers wrote.

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Is Artificial Intelligence slated to take over humans at every task? #AI #Trend

Source: Business Insider