Varjo promises a VR headset with 'human eye-resolution'

A Finnish company called Varjo that has been working in secret until now has unveiled a new type of #VR and AR headset code-named "20/20." It supposedly has a di… [Read More]

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The headset also uses video see-through technology for "unparalleled AR and MR capabilities," Varjo says.
The information is pretty vague, but Varjo says it combined a context display, focus display, optical combiner and gaze tracker into a "bionic display" for human-eye resolution in #VR, AR and XR.
At a recent demo in New York City, the company showed off what its technology can do using an Oculus Rift.
In the preview, a card-sized rectangle was laid over the middle of the field of view to show the difference between Varjo's tech and the standard Oculus Rift render.
On a virtual eye test, letters in the bottom row were easy to read through Varjo's simulated rectangle, but were blurry and almost illegible in the regular Oculus Rift mode.

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This new technology is pushing #VR technology 10 years ahead of the current state-of-the-art. #Trend

Source: Engadget