An Advanced AI Has Been Deployed to Fight Against Hackers

CERN scientists are now teaching an #AI system to protect the grid from cyber threats using machine learning. [Read More]

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Naturally, however, particle physicists aren’t the only ones who want to access that kind of computing power.
Hackers are also interested in CERN’s grid, and CERN scientists are skipping past standard cybersecurity measures and deploying artificial intelligence (#AI) to stay protected.
CERN scientists are teaching their #AI system to distinguish between safe and threatening behavior on the network and take action when it detects a problem.
The LHC and CERN itself require a massive amount of data storage and computing power, which is what prompted the creation of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid.
This presents a unique cybersecurity challenge: keeping the massive globally-distributed grid secure while maintaining the computing power and storage unimpeded.

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The scientists at CERN are teaching an #AI system to protect the grid from cyber threats. #Trend

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