AI, IoT, VR, and the Tour de France

The Tour de France may tax bicycle riders, but they will be getting help from #AI, #IoT, and #VR. [Read More]

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The Tour de France (see photo) started this year in Dusseldorf, Germany with 22 teams.
The Tour de France spans 3,540 kilometers, ending in Paris.
Cyclists are also taking advantage of #IoT technology, courtesy of the heart rate monitors tracking the efficiency of their movement.
These are not used during the race, but Team Sky developed a promo 3D video using this technology.
There is another reason for recording the course, as cyclists in training can use #VR helmets to go over the course multiple times without having to be there.

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What does the Tour de France have to do with #AI, #IoT or #VR? #Trend

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