AI Can Be a Troublesome Teammate

#AI is a focused intelligence, groomed for maximum perfection. That’s why, research shows, most people don’t trust it. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

My research examines how people understand other minds — human minds, animal minds, and computer minds — and reveals that their contents are more ambiguous than we often think.
Although biological minds can be hard to understand, the nature of computer minds is even more opaque.
When Google alerts us to the best route home after work, does it really understand what it means to commute?
People perceiving the minds of #AI see them as very one-sided — capable of powerful thought but totally incapable of feeling.
To build trust, #AI needs to communicate its confidence or, even better, express its fear of failure.

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#AI Can Be a Troublesome Teammate. #Trend

Source: Harvard Business Review