Why AI Can’t Write This Article (Yet)

Machines are learning faster and better than ever, but they still have limitations. [Read More]

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The feature article on #AI that HBR.org published earlier this week is, ironically, a good example of the kind of work that computers can’t yet do.
The fact that software can’t yet write an article like that isn’t a knock on #AI, or evidence that it won’t be transformative.
But progress in deep learning, a subfield of machine learning, has led to renewed interest in abstractive summarization, and produced some promising results.
Algorithms still can’t craft a narrative the way a person can — they can’t write a decent screenplay, or pass Schank’s Romeo and Juliet test.
They can’t write stirring prose, and they can’t persuade a public official to go on the record about an important policy.

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Artificial Intelligence still can’t craft a narrative the way a person can. #AI #Trend

Source: Harvard Business Review