Artificial Intelligence, Real Food

We asked IBM’s #AI to create recipes and then had celebrity chef Ming Tsai cook them. Watch what happened. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

Chef #Watson can’t chop, dice, or julienne.
But ask the chef for a recommendation on cooking with green olives, and his knowledge is vast, incorporating data points from a library of recipes and an encyclopedia of flavor profiles.
One of the early applications of IBM’s #Watson technology, Chef #Watson’s intelligence is in food.
The goal for Chef #Watson, IBM says, is to “surprise and delight human chefs.”HBR enlisted two cooks to partner with #Watson in the kitchen: Ming Tsai, a renowned professional chef, and Gretchen Gavett, an HBR editor and kitchen novice.
We asked each of them to cook with #Watson as an experiment in how humans and machines work together.

Opinion… * Man-Made

It seems Artificial Intelligence can even be of inspiration in the kitchen. #AI #Watson #Trend

Source: Harvard Business Review