Month: August 2017


Could #AI, combined with #AR technology replace our Mobile device? Yes, it can! #Trend AI and AR are wholly different technologies in their own right, but could they work together to make our lives even more seamless? All signs point… Read More ›

Ready Player One

The boundaries between the physical and digital worlds are getting extremely thin. #CGI #Trend Buy the ‘Ready Player One’ book! Download the ‘Ready Player One’ eBook! —— In the ‘Ready Player One’ SDCC t… [read more] Source: YouTube

3 Exponential Techs To Watch

We should all pay attention to 3 exponential technologies: #Genetics, #Nanotechnology, and #Robotics. #Trend Pay attention to the the trends in exponential technologies, particularly to “the big three.” GNR: Genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics. Subscribe: http://… [read more] Source: YouTube