Omega Ophthalmics is an eye implant platform with the power of continuous AR

Google and other tech companies have come up with glasses and contact lenses for the purposes of #AR, but Omega Ophthalmics is taking a much more invasive approach by using surgically implanted lenses to create a space for augmented reality inside the eye. [Read More]

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Cataract surgery involves removal of the cloudy lens and replacing it with a thin artificial type of lens.
“We’re creating the glove,” Wortz says, comparing it to what Elon Musk wants to do with neural lace inside the brain.
Instead, he thinks his platform has a much broader application for 70-somethings wanting to maintain independence.
However, Omega has already taken initial capital from angel investors and ophthalmologists “that understand the space.” Wortz said.
So far, Omega has hit the six-month mark with no incidents on a very small human clinical trial outside of the U.S. involving seven patients.

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The first Augmented Reality “Eye Implant” has hit its first clinical trial. #AR #MR #Trend

Source: Techcrunch