Deep learning will jumpstart automation for enterprises — here’s why

Deep learning is just starting a journey that will transform business and everyday life. Let’s take a look at where deep learning is — and where it’s going. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

Some components of artificial intelligence are – decision trees, if-then rules, multistep logics, and machine learning (which also includes deep learning).
Let’s get back to our question now: How can deep learning catalyze automation for enterprises?
Well, with deep learning, artificial intelligence is slowly making this obscure concept look clearer and structured.
Progress is inevitableThe truth is, however, that we are still driving in first gear on this journey; more time is spent on doing things “of” deep learning than “by” deep learning.
Deep learning is all set to drive the power of big data, analytics, and automation together, and deliver unimaginable results to enterprises and society.

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The computer systems are evolving quickly, and human dependence is diminishing. #AI #ML #Automation #Trend

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