13 Industries that Will be Transformed by Virtual Reality

From real estate to the military to healthcare, startups are developing #AR/#VR applications across industries. [Read More]

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Start your free trial today EmailWhile some still see virtual reality (#VR) and augmented reality (#AR) as technology reserved for hardcore gamers, investors have taken notice of the considerable potential for #AR/#VR across a variety of industries.
AUGMENTED AND VIRTUAL REALITY TRENDS Established tech players and startups alike are vying to bring the next computing platform to life.
While nursing home residents enjoy travel-by-goggles, companies like Psious are also offering treatment for behavioral and mental health issues through virtual reality immersion therapy.
Journalism & Media DisseminationSecond only to gaming, the media sector has been among the most eager to embrace virtual reality.
Sony too is developing a “non-game virtual reality project” based on the TV show Breaking Bad as part of a larger push for virtual reality in mainstream pop culture.

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The 13 (non gaming) industries poised for the #AR and #VR revolution. #Trend

Source: Cb Insights Research