AI and augmented reality

#AI and #AR are wholly different technologies in their own right, but could they work together to make our lives even more seamless? All signs point to yes. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

It seems quite clear that #AI will be the future, but what about #AR?
They can be low level (such as an easy mode game #AI), or high level, such as AlphaGo, Google’s #AI project that defeated the world Go champion this past summer.
#AI and #AR are both technologies that are made to augment our lives more seamlessly with helpful technology and information.
The closest version of the #AR technology we currently have is HoloLens, which, like Iron Man’s suit can overlay images and allow us to interact with them in real time.
HoloLens currently doesn’t have #AI technology, but could it feasibly in the future?

Opinion… * Man-Made

Could #AI, combined with #AR technology replace our Mobile device? Yes, it can! #Trend

Source: Android Authority