Google shows off ARCore, its answer to Apple’s ARKit

Google has been experimenting with smartphone #AR since it first showed off Project Tango in 2014. Three years later the company has some great technology to show off, but very little in the way of actual users. Today, the company is releasing a developer preview of #ARCore, a platform that will deli… [Read More]

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“We’ve architected #ARCore to be able to perceive a wide variety of sensors,” Google #AR/VR head Clay Bavor told TechCrunch.
#ARCore brings the scale to Google’s augmented reality ambitions that directly working with OEMs was never going to do.
For now, most of the #ARCore applications look fairly gimmicky, but that’s nothing too unique for the broader smartphone #AR space.
Bavor’s #AR/VR teams have coordinated closely with the AI groups at Google to build Lens, though it’s yet to score a release date.
The company is working on bringing #AR to other areas through #ARCore, including to an experimental build of Chrome, though more details will be available there later.

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The competitor for Apple’s #ARKit is already here: Google’s #ARCore. #AR #Trend

Source: Techcrunch