Researchers teach AI neural network to write fake reviews, with implications for fake news, trust

The tech could be a major threat to companies like Amazon and Yelp. [Read More]

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Fox Photos/Getty ImagesFor many people, online reviews are the first port of call when looking for a restaurant and hotel.
And these businesses are constantly on the watch for unfair or fake reviews, planted by disgruntled rivals or angry customers.
But there will soon be a major new threat to the world of online reviews: Fake reviews written automatically by artificial intelligence (#AI).
"It remains hard to detect machine-generated reviews using a plagiarism checker without inadvertently flagging a large number of real reviews," the researchers wrote.
The fake reviews are derived from real reviews, and there is some information lost in the process.

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In future you will not be able to tell if a customer review is real? #AI #Trend

Source: Business Insider