How VR And AR Will Change How We Visualize Data

Virtual Reality (#VR) and Augmented Reality (#AR) are going to change many aspects of business and social life. Here we look at how #VR and #AR are transforming data visualization and the ways we display data from data projects. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

The way we present data to others has evolved from simple pie charts and bar graphs to sophisticated interactive visualizations drawing on real-time data sets.
It’s only the start though, and as the data available to us grows increasingly complex and fast-moving, techniques for presenting it are continuing to evolve.
Virtual reality and augmented reality – at the moment primarily considered a medium for delivering entertainment – offer the intriguing possibility of letting us “step inside” the data.
There are already some great examples of #VR-enabled data visualization which anyone can experience with a cheap cardboard headset, for example Google’s exploration of data around the UK Brexit issue.
Amori tells me confidently that “#VR and #AR will become a huge game-changer for enterprises.

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Fusing Machine Learning with #VR and #AR-driven reporting will help unlock the potential of Big Data. #AI #Trend

Source: Forbes