The product design challenges of AR on smartphones

#AR is seductive. The more you think about it, the bigger you realize it is going to be, and the more great ideas you have that are completely new. The problem is that the tech or UX probably doesn’t support it quite yet. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

In the same way that most of the first commercial websites were “brochure-ware,” where an existing print brochure was uploaded onto a website, the first #AR apps will be mobile apps copied over to #AR.
Two great examples are the “Tape Measure” app and #AR apps that let you 3D-scan a small object.
This challenge also manifests in a different way when #AR app developers think about “competition.” As #AR is so wide open, it’s easy to think that the opportunity is there to win.
We already spend time doing something, so how is my #AR app going to compete against that.
Field of view is a big constraintOne obvious difference between a smartphone #AR app and an HMD #AR app is the field of view.

Opinion… * Man-Made

How to design for the first medium that is completely unbound: Augmented Reality. #AR #ARkit #ARcore #Trend

Source: Techcrunch