IFA 2017: Robots, robots, robot

The trends at IFA 2017 suggest robotic helpers and appliances are the future. [Read More]

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The ubiquity of virtual assistants, drones and virtual reality were all first flagged at shows like IFA, so it’s far from a guessing game.
[Read more: The Future of Technology: #Robotics in the home and beyond]And a striking trend has been appearing in every corner of the convention centre this year – robots.
But perhaps the most striking use of robotics came from Panasonic, who had a concept autonomous fridge among the devices on display at its IFA booth.
In short, it’s a smart fridge that can come to you if you call it.
#Robotics are likely to go the same way if this year’s IFA is anything to go by.

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Once inanimate devices, robots are becoming increasingly common. #MobileFridge #Robotics #Trend

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