A Bionic Lens Undergoing Clinical Trials Could Give You Superhuman Abilities In Two Years

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А Canadian company called Ocumetics Technology Corporation is currently doing clinical testing for their Bionic Lens – a medical device that could make glasses and contact lenses obsolete.
A model of the Bionic Lens in the eye / Ocumetics / Superhuman Summit 2016The Bionic Lens is a dynamic lens that replaces the natural lens inside the eye via one of the most common and successful procedures in medicine – cataract surgery.
In addition, because the Bionic Lens responds with less than 1/100 the amount of energy of the natural lens, you can also focus on something all day without any strain on the eyes.
The Bionic Lens could improve on the 20/20 vision threefold.
The Bionic Lens will not be a panacea for all types of eye conditions.

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The Bionic Lens will cure several eye conditions, and over time even augment our vision. #AR #Healthcare #Trend

Source: Big Think