Revealed: Magic Leap ‘Deep SLAM’ Mixed Reality Glasses

Will the Mixed Reality Glasses of Magic Leap launch us into an #AR world previously only seen in Sci-Fi. #MR #Trend

Magic Leap recently revealed a new machine vision technique for its long awaited standalone AR headset. Edgy Labs sorts through the rumors and looks at what’s on the horizon for mainstream Mixed Reality entertainment. After about six years of existence, 4.5 billion dollars of market valuation and one eye-popping marketing campaign, what does Magic Leap really have in store? 6 Years and $1.4 B later, Still no Product in Sight? Magic Leap initially wowed us with its mixed reality tech that would allow superimposing 3D elements on to the user’s environment in real-time. Reminiscent of Microsoft’s marketing approach for the Hololens, [read more]


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