The Top 9 Augmented Reality Companies in Healthcare

I listed the top augmented reality companies applying their solutions to healthcare to show how the sector will benefit from the new technology. [Read More]

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Here, I listed the most significant companies bringing augmented reality to medicine and healing.
Virtual RealityAugmented reality (#AR) has shown an amazing development curve since Boeing researcher, Thomas Caudell coined the term “augmented reality” in 1990.
Why does augmented reality have so much potential in healthcare?
I decided to put together a list with the most relevant companies developing groundbreaking augmented reality solutions.
If you know about other companies disrupting healthcare through augmented reality, please let me know; as there are plenty of other ventures out there – with too little information online.

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#AR continues to march triumphantly into more industries and fields, including #Healthcare. #Trend

Source: The Medical Futurist