5 ways 3D printing could totally change medicine

From tailored prosthetics to custom pills, 3D printing is set to revolutionize the medical field. Here are 5 ways the technology could transform medicine. [Read More]

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Here are the top five areas in which 3D printing is set to change medicine, according to the Chuen and Coles-Black:1.
BioprintingIt sounds like something out of Frankenstein, but could we eventually 3D print human organs?
Scientists are already using 3D printing to build “organoids” that mimic organs at a tiny scale and can be used for research.
According to Chuen, 3D printing is on the way to making this possible, opening up a whole new world of customized medicines.
Spread-out productionJust as 3D printing is allowing customized production of medicines and devices, the production itself is likely to become localized.

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3D Printing in #Healthcare: surgical models, custom prosthetics, personal medicines, and print human tissue. #Trend

Source: Futuritynews