Amazon Alexa on The Dash, Intelligent Personal Assistant meets Hearables %%

Known for driving the hearables tech space into a new phase, startup Bragi has announced their latest venture with online shopping giant Amazon. With the objective to make the Dash series (The Dash… [Read More]

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Bragi is now no longer just compatible with voice assistants like Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant, it has been confirmed that their Dash series is going to be Amazon #Alexa compatible.
With the objective to make the Dash series (The Dash, The Dash Pro) #Alexa-compatible, this collaboration will mark the first for intelligent personal assistant #Alexa.
“Now customers with The Dash headphones can easily take #Alexa with them on the go,” said Jon Kirk, Director Amazon #Alexa.
Bragi users will also need to update the Bragi App and connect an Amazon account in order to take advantage of this new integration.
For now, Amazon #Alexa on The Dash supports US (United States), UK (United Kingdom) and DE (Germany) languages.

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The Babel Fish? Wireless Hearables are appearing with Intelligent Personal Assistants. #Alexa #SmartHearables #Trend

Source: Fashnerd