AR's future is more than just games, it will change the way we make decisions

The possibilities of mixed reality are much broader than hardcore gaming, cinematics or putting mustaches on your selfies. [Read More]

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According to research by Goldman Sachs, the virtual and augmented reality industry will become a $85 billion market by 2025.
Augmented reality, on the other hand, can save you the effort of browsing house listings.
RetailRetail is one of the sectors that are already being enhanced tremendously thanks to augmented reality overlays.
Doctors are using #VR to recreate experiences such as sitting on a plane or strolling through a battlefield.
Advances in areas such as artificial intelligence are helping augmented reality become more efficient in analyzing and blending with the environment.

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The industries that have a headstart to take #VR and #AR beyond gaming and entertainment. #ARkit #ARcore #Trend

Source: The Next Web