Inaudible ultrasound commands can be used to secretly control Siri, Alexa, and Google Now

It’s an effective hack, but unlikely to do much damage in the real world [Read More]

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Scientists from China's Zheijiang University have proved it’s possible, publishing new research that demonstrates how #Siri, #Alexa, and other voice-activated programs can be controlled using inaudible ultrasound commands.
But don’t get too worried — the technique has a number of key limitations that means it’s unlikely to cause chaos.
To carry out their attacks, the researchers first created a program to translate normal voice commands into frequencies too high for humans to hear using harmonics.
Then, they tested whether those commands would be obeyed by 16 voice control systems, including #Siri, Google Now, Samsung S Voice, Cortana, #Alexa, and a number of in-car interfaces.
In addition to these environmental restraints, it’s worth remembering that pretty much all digital assistants systems respond audibly to any voice commands.

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#Alexa, #GoogleNow and #Siri can all be hacked using inaudible ultrasound commands. #SmartSpeaker #Trend

Source: The Verge