Eye-tracking is virtual reality's next frontier

Eye-tracking technology has the potential to help #VR bridge two gaps. It offers users additional control and an intuitive experience, while future developments in foveated rendering will eventually decrease both the processing power necessary for rendering complex 3D environments, which will make #VR… [Read More]

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The introduction of eye tracking to #VR platforms will assist in the development of more intuitive, effortless and fast controls.
Social CuesOne of the most surprising yet significant benefits of eye tracking in #VR is the addition of gaze sensitive avatars and player models.
Accurately tracking a user’s eye movements allows for players’ avatars to reflect their shifting attention in-game.
This makes interacting with the virtual world more immersive when the objects and characters can naturally react to a user’s gaze, offering a wink back at the player or potentially a raise of the eyebrow in acknowledgement.
Joakim Karlén is Director of Product Management, #VR and Middleware for Tobii, spearheading the company’s efforts in expanding eye tracking technology into the #VR industry.

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The next evolution of the Natural User Interface: Eye-Tracking (to be applied in Virtual Reality). #VR #NUI #Trend

Source: Venturebeat