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If you think artificial intelligence is a thing of the future, ask yourself
why your Amazon homepage looks different from ours or how Google translates
websites on the fly. Consumers in developed and developing countries are
benefiting today from these smarter types of software. In particular, the
subfield of Machine Learning is making rapid strides in everything from
detecting rare types of cancer to correcting our grammar. In essence,
software development is transitioning from a process where humans figure
out a few rules for the machines [Read More]

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The #AI pioneers mostly hail from the tech sector and have been disrupting the financial services industry through fintech innovations.
Provided they have sufficient quality data, financial institutions in emerging markets could also start adapting these technologies, facilitating better and more customized products, nimbler and cheaper operations, and eventually more profits.
We are already seeing the effects of #AI across a range of use cases in emerging markets.
Clearly, #AI technologies will enable financial organizations in emerging markets to provide far more value to customers.
David del Ser Bartolomé is the Director of Inclusive Fintech at BFA, a global strategy consulting firm delivering solutions and impact to drive broad, sustainable access to financial services.

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The #AI-driven bank will place customers at the center; creating more meaningful experiences at large-scale. #Trend

Source: The Financial Revolutionist