Design Thinking: Future-proof Yourself from AI

It’s all over for us humans. It may not have been “The Matrix”[1], but the machines look like they are finally poised to take our jobs. Machines powered by art… [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

I have written about design thinking before , but I want to use this blog to provide more specifics about what it is about design thinking that can help you to harness the power of machine learning…instead of machine learning (and The Matrix) harnessing you.
In fact, integrating design thinking and machine learning can give you “super powers” that future-proof whatever career you decide to pursue.
Design Thinking – create one or more interactive mockups with which your key constituents can “play”.
Design Thinking + Machine Learning = Game Changing PotentialI know that I am probably preaching to the choir here, but I am advising my students and my own kids about the power of integrating Design Thinking and Machine Learning.
But it’s also not too late for us old codgers to also embrace the power of integrating design thinking with machine learning.

Opinion… * Man-Made

Integrating Design Thinking and Machine Learning can give you Super Powers! #DesignThinking #AI #ML #Trend