Unity CEO John Riccitiello on Apple’s big event, privacy and the AR apps we’ll see within the year

Presumably, it would be good for business to speak onstage at an Apple event. But John Riccitiello, the CEO of Unity Technologies, says you won't see him presenting at tomorrow's Apple event, or that of any other platform company. We talked with Riccitiello about the company's approach, along with … [Read More]

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But John Riccitiello, the CEO of San Francisco-based Unity Technologies, says you won’t see him presenting at tomorrow’s Apple event or that of any other platform company, for that matter.
Says Riccitiello, “Our philosophy is to put powerful tools in hands of developers, but also to support every meaningful platform so they can have success” — whether that’s Apple or Google or even Amazon.
We talked with Riccitiello earlier today about the company’s approach, along with the short-term future of #AR and VR, where Unity is positioned to play a starring role for some time to come.
TC: Apple is obviously well-positioned to usher in the #AR age with its coming iPhone 8 and iOS 11.
The future of #AR and VR, my family…TC: Okay then, let’s talk about the future of VR, which is seemingly further out than people had earlier imagined.

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The impact of #ARKit or #ArCore apps on our privacy? #AR #Trend

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