8 Times That Screen Sci-Fi Successfully Predicted The Future

Sci-fi movies and TV don't always get the future right. But they don't do badly, either, as this list makes clear. [Read More]

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Nevertheless, it only takes a cursory look at some of the genre’s most notable movies and TV shows to see that sometimes sci-fi can get it very right indeed.
Without further ado, then, here are our picks for eight predictions that turned out to be right on the money.
Back to the Future Part II (1989) Considering that it’s not remotely close to being hard, serious sci-fi, Back to the Future Part II sure did get a lot right.
Who knew a sci-fi comedy would get 2017 so right?
Minority Report (2002) In some ways, it’s no surprise that 2002’s excellent Minority Report got so much right.

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The movies and TV shows that predicted the innovations in our the future (more or less) right. #Trend

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