4 technologies that will unlock AR's full potential

Apple’s #ARKit is capturing the attention and imagination of developers and media alike, drawn in by an estimated 700 million iPhone owners around the world who now have #AR devices. #ARKit is setting the stage for the next era of #AR development, and now Google has entered the fray with #ARCore to cater… [Read More]

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Yet #AR technology is still in its infancy.
For real industry maturity to occur, a unified effort must be made to develop the core technologies that allow for truly immersive experiences.
This could be the closest we ever come to solving #AR’s chicken and egg situation: Which comes first, the technology or the developers?
For the #AR industry, this is a tremendous position to be in.
InteractionLastly, enhancements in interaction are critical to creating truly immersive experiences, where our reality is blended perfectly with the virtual world.

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The 4 technologies required to create a more believable, immersive #AR user experience. #ARKit #ARCore #Trend

Source: Venturebeat