33 Ways Drones Will Impact Society: From Fighting War to Forecasting Weather, UAVs Change Everything

UAVs are tackling everything from disease control to vacuuming up ocean waste to delivering pizza, and more. [Read More]

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Flying High: The State of Drone Technology An in-depth research briefing covering the current drone “stack”, the future of autonomy, and more.
The Ocean Alliance is an example of an organization that has used drones (such as the marine SnotBot) to collect samples — specifically, mucus from whales.
In a similar vein, Microsoft is also leveraging drone technology to capture and test mosquitoes for infectious disease.
Zipline has launched delivery drones in rural areas throughout Africa and continues to expand its reach.
Similarly, in 2016, a Dutch university opened a pop-up cafe that used drone waiters to take and deliver customer orders.

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