The Seven Deadly Sins of AI Predictions

Mistaken extrapolations, limited imagination, and other common mistakes that distract us from thinking more productively about the future. [Read More]

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Today GPS is in what Amara would call the long term, and the ways it is used were unimagined at first.
The next six errors help explain why the time scale is being grossly underestimated for the future of #AI.
Similarly, we have seen a sudden increase in performance of #AI systems thanks to the success of deep learning.
It turns out that many #AI researchers and #AI pundits, especially those pessimists who indulge in predictions about #AI getting out of control and killing people, are similarly imagination-challenged.
The “coil” is still the principal abstraction unit used today, and PLCs are programmed as though they were a network of 24-volt electromechanical relays.

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The common mistakes that distract everyone from thinking more productively about the future. #AI #Robotics #Trend

Source: Mit Technology Review