Virtual Reality is the Next Training Ground for Artificial Intelligence

Virtual reality and artificial intelligence are coming together in a disruptive combination which will unlock a future with safe and competent intelligent machines, able to learn exponentially through self training and intelligent, realistic virtual reality simulations. [Read More]

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Now, rendering high framerate graphics using multiple, stereoscopic points in virtual reality is matching the speed and accuracy of robotic sensors and cameras.
Recent AdvancementsThis week, NVIDIA announced a cloud-based virtual reality simulator that uses accurate physics modeling to simulate real world environments.
Virtual Reality as Training GroundsThe use of virtual reality and cloud based simulation engines promises to train automatons in real-world scenarios through simulated trial and error without endangering real people and real things.
At the same time, game engines have created relatively open architectures that have allowed fast innovation in the construction of virtual reality technologies.
Developers will use these tools to create a new training ground for machine learning agents and unlock exponential and disruptive advancements.

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The disruptive combination of #VR and #AI: unlocking a future with safe and competent intelligent machines. #Trend

Source: Forbes