Facebook’s AI chief says the public doesn’t know how dumb AI really is

Yann LeCun chats about super-intelligent #AI and the future of virtual assistants [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

Now, as head of Facebook’s #AI research facility FAIR, he helps #AI make the journey from the lab to the real world.
Oh, and if you don’t mind, he’d really like it if we all stopped using Terminator pictures on #AI articles.
It used to be that you could not see an article in the press [about #AI] without the picture being Terminator.
There are real dangers in the department of #AI, real risks, but they’re not Terminator scenarios.
[…] But this doesn’t work in the real world because you cannot run the real world faster than real time.

Opinion… * Man-Made

#AI still has a long way to go before it approaches anything near the intelligence of a baby, or an animal. #Trend

Source: The Verge